Dynomomometer 3500

05-05-2009, Past Projects, Muhhamad M. Raza

Dyno Schematic


The purpose of this senior project was to develop an electric motor dynamometer. The dynamometer was to be on a scale smaller than what is normally encountered in industry, and at a substantially lower cost. The design was supposed to be a brake style dynamometer. In addition, portability was also considered. Background: Dynamometers in general subject a motor to a load and measure the torque, RPM, voltage, and current at the given level of load. The torque and RPM essentially determine the mechanical power output. The voltage and current determine the electrical power input which is being exhausted. The ratio of the electrical and mechanical power determines the efficiency of the motor. Adjusting the speeds allows us to generate curves for the performance. Curves that are of concern are the torque vs. current, torque vs. RPM, power vs. RPM (both electrical and mechanical), and efficiency vs. RPM. The designed dynamometer was named the Dynamomometer™ 3500: “Just as powerful as the 3600 model, only it comes in red”. It was done so due to an error by a layman and the remarkable similarity to the marketing strategy from the Dilbert cartoons (a tribute).