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I will be uploading links to the concept drawings for the projects below when time permits. I hope to pursue some or all of these projects as budget allows. If you have other interesting ideas please email me. I am just getting this site started, and the projects are not moving along steadily (due to budgeting issues).

Radio Controlled (R/C) hover craft plane with gas thrusters

This is a hover craft that is supposed to go no higher than ~8ft maximum, be speedy and agile, it should be able to roll (but not completely), and mostly be used as a backyard toy for kids. I want to make it very inexpensive. The intention is to give kids some excersice and fresh air outdoors while having fun.


Propeller/Fan thrust measurement apparatus

Just another gizmo that I would like to add to my home workshop. Ideally I would like to be able to predictably build my own R/C airplanes, pumps, and even propeller's when time allows.


Electomagnetic clutch

Just wanted to see if I could make one of these. I am interested in magnetism and would like to see what I can do to eliminate sealing issues for the jet powered boat's water pump.


Radio Controlled (R/C) jet powered boat

Something I have wanted to put together for my nephews for a long time now.


Home made water pump for jet powered boat.

Might have to try using a reciprocating type pump due to it's manufacturability (considering the capabilities of my small home workshop).


Fuel level indicator (SILLMAC) for gas powered R/C vehicles.

Meant for implementation in a telemetry system (as they become available), or to be used as a visual and/or audible indicator. If too many of these become common on a race track, it would become useless unless implemented into a telemetry system.


Solar powered cell phone and household battery charger

I would like to extend this to other household devices that use DC Voltage also.


Redesign of the electric motor dynamometer.

New features would include: A custom graphical user interface (software), an updated clutch consisting of a electro-magnetic clutch, and possibly a built in control system.