Heat Pipe Design Program

04-28-2009 , Past Projects, Muhhamad M. Raza,


Heat pipes are devices that effectively transfer large amounts of heat with small temperature gradients. They are highly desirable due to the high conductive properties and small size causing them to be used in many types of application requiring heat transfer. The design of heat pipes require much consideration in order to function properly. Materials, dimensions, and application are important factors in design and it is often difficult to optimize the heat pipe due to a large array of parameters. The project includes production of a program that will perform a thermal analysis on a user specific heat pipe. It would allow the user to input various heat pipe design parameters, and in return, the program would provide operational thermal limits and performance curves of the designed heat pipe to aid in optimization. By knowing the limiting factors in the design the user would be able to know whether the design is acceptable for a given application or if more improvements can be made.

The Program

Shown below is the GUI (graphical user interface) that my partner and I created in MATLAB™.

Heat Pipe Design Program GUI

The purpose was to generate the following thermal limit curves being given a set of parameters such as geometry, fluid type, types of wicks and/or wick/fluid interface types. Using the program, the thermal limit curves were generated to help in the aid in the design and analysis of a heat pipe.

Please check back soon for more updates on this project.